Ecuador / Galapagos - July 10, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010


The first stop on the third day was to the butterfly breeding center. After the two hour ride we got out of the bus and all around us were dragon flies, butterflies, and tons of other insects. The real suprise though was in the butterfly garden. In this inclosed area we saw around twenty five different species of butterflies. Some of the butterflies were huge. They reached up to as big as both my hands to as big as a couple fingers. The butterflies there were realy cool. Some of them would crall on to you. They usualy did after you put a little of the watermellon on your fingers. I think this was one of the coolest parts of our day.


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  1. Stone - what an amazing experience - appreciate you sharing it with us


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Duration 14 days
When July 10 - 23, 2010
Focus Ecology