Ecuador / Galapagos - July 10, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Elicate Delicacies of Ecuador

Today was our first full day in Ecuador and it was a blast! Even though i am definatly the most picky eater on this trip I was still able to find something to eat. For breakfast we were told to stack up on carbs so we mostly ate bread and cereal. Nothing really special but delicious all the same. For lunch we were treated with a three course meal. The appitizers were potato soup or civiche, which is raw seafood cooked in lime juice. I would have rathered not eating the appitizer but I decided on the potato soup and it was not half bad. The entre were either chicken, salad, sea bass. I chose the chicken and i found it delicious. The desert was the best. Ice cream served in a bowl that was on top of dry ice. Unbelievable. Dinner was great. It was annother three course meal that blew me away. The appitizer included tree tomatoes which are not as bad as they sound. The entre was chicken agin that reminded me of KFC. The desert was a chocolate muffin surrounded in vanilla syrup. All I can say is that The food here is amazing.

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  1. What an awesome meal - love the commentary - keep it coming!


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