Ecuador / Galapagos - July 10, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 7

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Wow...Day 7. We're halfway through the trip. Although the first few days seemed to crawl by, I can't believe we have to leave next week!

Today we explored Cuenca. It might be my favorite town so far. We got such a feel of the community...From the markets to the church festivals and parades to the shopping, everything is a learning experience. I enjoyed seeing the Panama hat factory. They call them Panama hats even though they originated in Ecuador because people didn't know where they came from while they were building the Panama Canal. The nickname just stuck. After lunch we had some time to shop around the marketplace. We divided into small groups to make the navigation a little easier. I was so proud of my girls...they were able to bargain like champs by the end of the day! We proceeded to the Cuenca Tourist Office where we had a class on the history of Cuenca and the impact of Incans. The day was topped off with an amazing local cuisine...shrimp, tomatoes, steak, potatoes, salad, ice cream, praline cake, etc. The restaurants and hotels have been especially stellar on this trip.

Tomorrow we have an early day to drive up and down the mountains to Guayaquil. We'll stop at the mangroves at lunch and do some crabbing! Can't wait!


  1. the marketplace looks great - the food, the flowers, the SHOPPING!! Great pictures of trying on all the different hats!

    Enjoy lunch! It should taste even better when you catch it yourself.


  2. Although I've loved all the shots, I must admit to smiling till my cheeks hurt when I saw what appeared to be journal writing! Aside from capturing the memories and reflections, this is the "stuff" of future short stories and autobiographical essays. Bridget, I hope you're writing too!

  3. Add "juggling machetes at intersection" to the Things You Won't See in Pittsburgh list.

    Halfway home guys and girls, enjoy the turtles!

  4. I like the hats - it's like your own version of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego! Your Discovery Team better find her!

  5. Love the pics - keep them coming!


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Duration 14 days
When July 10 - 23, 2010
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