Ecuador / Galapagos - July 10, 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Days 10 and 11 (I think)

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It's getting to be that part of the trip where I have no idea what day it is and am forgetting what we've done the day before! Our days are so jam packed that they are still so exciting, but exhausting. I started writing this post last night, but I was so tired, I fell asleep in the middle of it! Here's the short version...

In the morning on day 10, we woke up to head straight to the coffee plantation. Turns out the owner of Starbucks had just been there b/c he wanted to sell some Galapagos coffee in the stores. Turns out that there isn't enough to stock all of their stores... It was still interesting to see. Then we headed to the giant tortoise home and it was crazy seeing those big animals just hanging out on the paths. We went snorkeling again and it was amazing! There were TONS of fish and we saw so many sea turtles just floating with the current. There were eels, sea urchins, and Stone could name about two dozen more fish, but not me! We boarded our boat for an hour ride to our campsite where we had dinner and told ghost stories under the stars. It wasn't a very restful night, but it was an experience I"ll never forget!

Yesterday, we woke up to Fabian banging on our tents before 7 am saying, "Snorkel time!" It was pretty amazing waking up on the beach, hopping in a wet suit and playing with some sea lions before breakfast. Can't do that at home! Then we boarded a boat for a two hour trip to Santa Cruz island. We checked in (to our very nice hotel) and the shower never felt so good! We made our way through the town to the Charles Darwin Station where we saw the tortoise breeding ground (the baby turtles were soooo cute!). The big disappointment was Lonesome George. He was hiding while we were there, so all we saw was his head. We had some time before dinner to shop and swim in the pool. While dinner at The Rock was delicious, I think everyone is finally getting sick of chicken and rice...The kids are BEGGING for pizza! :)

Today we're off on another 2 hour ride to the biggest island, Isabella, to swim with the sharks! I'll write again tonight and hopefully get some photos posted...The internet is still painfully slow!

I hope all is well at home!


  1. Wow! You all just seem to go go go!! You must be exhausted and thrilled all at the same time!! I have an idea??? Why don't we all get together(after you have rested of course!) for a pizza party??? All the families would have a chance to hear first hand from all the kids the many highlights of their trip! That is if everyone makes it back after swimming with the sharks!! Kidding of course!! We can't wait to see the photos!!

  2. Thanks for keeping everyone updated Bridget. I now it is difficult to finf the time and an internet connection. Sounds like a great time. at least it was warm camping on the beach ;)

  3. While you've had a busy couple of days that made them seem long, we've had a slow couple of days with none of your exciting news so ours seemed long, too! Sea lions and turtles and fish, oh my! Enjoy the last few days.

  4. So good to hear from you - so awesome to hear about your adventures!

  5. What adventures you all have had. Snorkeling for a second time . . . relaxing on the beach, telling ghost stories, camping on the beach . . . could life be any better than this??!!?? How about snorkeling before breakfast with the sea lions!!!! And what do you do the next day to really take life to the next level . . . you swim with SHARKS!!!!

    It's great to hear about your days and nights, too.

    Patty -- Daniel's aunt

  6. Dear Daniel

    Hope you don't make the sharks angry. :)
    Can't wait to see you.:):):):):)

    Your Sister

  7. Hope you all survived that rough boat ride!

  8. this whole trip sounds amazing...can't wait to see the pictures and videos!

  9. I've really enjoyed following the photos and comments throughout the trip. It sounds likeit was an amazing adventure; wish I was there (except for the camping out in the mountains and the crabbing in the mud!). Looking forward to seeing you soon. Safe trip home. Carol K

  10. Do you swim with sharks or swim from sharks???


    ps...Can't wait to see and hear all about this adventure!!

  11. Thanks for adding the pics - they rock!!


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Duration 14 days
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