Ecuador / Galapagos - July 10, 2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 8

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Tonight we arrived in the bustling Guayquil...a much different atmosphere than the traditional Cuenca. Even our (very nice) Hampton Inn seems a little weird. However, today was an interesting one.

We started the morning off early to head up the Andes and right back down as we headed west toward the coast. Our 5 hour drive was extended as there was an overturned truck on one of the winding mountain roads, but we entertained ourselves with cards and games and music. (We have a wide variety of musical interests with this group!) We went from about 7,000 feet in altitude to 120 feet above sea level. It was a drastic drop, but we welcomed the warm weather! Our first stop was the mangroves where we changed into stylish pants, long sleeved shirts and boots the guide provided. Despite the intense insect repellent, I have tons of bites even with the clothes!

Anyway, we took some long boats through the water and saw tons of birds. The pink spoonbills were my favorite because of their color and their size. I had no idea how big they were. The real fun came when we pulled up to the side and had to climb out into the water and into the mud. It was a long hike...especially since my boots kept sticking in the mud! The reward came watching the kids lay down in the mud and reach their hands into holes to pull out a crab. Jenny got some great photos! They took us to a small village where some local women prepared our crabs and some local fare. It was fabulous!

Tomorrow morning we head to the Galapagos! I can't wait! :)


  1. That looks like such a good time...and there were crabs caught to eat. you are all mudbugs! Bridget, we missed a picture of you in the mud! Enjoy the islands!!


  2. Were they hard shell or soft shell crabs, Bridget?

  3. Mud,mud and more MUD!!! You all are to be commended. That mud was crazy deep!!! And to put your face so close to it??? Sticking your arms all the way down into those holes??? You all are much braver than I!! I hope it was really tasty. It sure did look reall good!!

  4. "Oh captain my captain!" (and quabs).
    Muddy Waters would be proud.

  5. Hey Charlie!! Looking good in the mud!


  6. I hope getting the crabs was more fun than work! I'm sure that was a meal that you'll not soon forget.

  7. Wow - the crab must be pretty wonderful to go through all that!

  8. Thanks for the ocean temperature information. I'm throwing in my wetsuit for my trip!


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